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    The Swash bidet toilet seat is particularly helpful during and after pregnancy to help soothe anal irritation, hemorrhoids and general discomfort. Many women also find the Swash to be a comfortable and hygienic cleansing method following intercourse.
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    The mouth is not connected to the vagina, so there’s no way for sperm to meet an egg. So no, swallowing semen won’t lead to pregnancy. That being said, you can get STIs from oral sex so using a condom is still a really good idea.
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    Gently pad dry by patting or blotting with toilet tissue or a soft cloth before application of this product. Detach one suppository from the strip; remove wrapper before inserting into rectum as follows: Slowly peel down film wrapper by pulling evenly and slowly on tabs to expose suppository/5(3).
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    Once you've got this vital bit of equipment, it's a relatively inexpensive method of detecting ovulation, as the microscope can be used again and again. But it isn't the best method of ovulation detection. Salivary ferning has been shown to be not as accurate as urine-based ovulation .
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    Blood on toilet tissue and Vaginal discharge. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms blood on toilet tissue and vaginal discharge including Hemorrhoids, Vaginal yeast infection, and Anal fissure. There are 16 conditions associated with blood on toilet tissue and vaginal discharge.
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    Sep 06,  · Should you pee after sex if you're trying to get pregnant? The answer is probably? On the one hand, " going to the bathroom after sex does absolutely nothing to lower your chances of getting Author: Michele Zipp.