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  1. Dozil Reply
    Jun 30,  · One anagram of ‘Tasmania’ is ‘I am Satan’. Although I personally would put money on George Bush (either one) being Beelzebub’s errand-boy, southern revelations in the past month are of a State-level democracy that is surely gone to Hell – with Gunns a-blazing.
  2. Minos Reply
    May 26,  · No, not a mistake at all, but a birth of an intellect. Satan was the first not-so-much-idiot-to-believe-in-supertitions-like-God(s).
  3. Dailmaran Reply
    When Jesus said to Peter that Satan has desired to have him to sift him as wheat, what did He mean? Did Jesus mean that Satan had made a request to God to test Peter? Did Satan have the right then to test the 12 Apostles? Bible Answer: Jesus’ warning to Peter occurred just after the Lord’s Supper. It is found in the gospel of Luke.
  4. Zulujar Reply
    Satan was silly enough to actually think that he could entice Jesus to sin and diversion from His ministry. He was too ignorant in his evil irrationality to know that his scheme was doomed to failure from the beginning. We give the devil too much credit. He is an idiot and simpleton as well as a “bad guy.”.
  5. Faujas Reply
    In each of the following ten pictures, Can YOU guess the iconic Christmas movie by an anagram of its name? 1. dab satan: Can you guess what film is hidden in this anagram?
  6. Zololkree Reply
    Oct 27,  · In a recent sermon, an aside comment was made that stuck out to me. Satan cannot kill us for Jesus has already conquered Satan, but He can distract us. I know that everyone else in the congregation was centered on the Good News that God has conquered Satan. I of course am distracted by the fact that Satan steals from us through distraction.